Piper’s Barbell Barbers


We dove deep into our bag of tricks for this one!

Creating the logo design for Barbell Barbers was a fun process. With full creative freedom, other then a few requirements Adam had for the face of his new venture. His logo needed to have a traditional feel while incorporating a hint of strongman. It also needed to be Single Colour for maximum efficiency when printing merchandise and uniforms making it a very cost effective process.

Piper's Barbell Barbers T-shirt design

After getting the logo design and t-shirt design squared away, marketing materials and a internal wall wrap were next on the list. The aged feel we settled on for the logo made perfect sense in theming the shop. We combined a worn brick texture with decaying render for the internal wall. Adding a over sized Barbell Barbers logo styled to look like an old painted sign finished the room perfectly.

Piper’s Barbell Barbers Internal wall wrap (Progress shot)

Piper’s Barbell Barbers Internal wall wrap

With the shop now looking great, We started on flyers, A-frame signage, Price-lists and Social media content to get customers through the door.